Monday, February 1, 2010

The blind side (1-55)

As I read into the first 3 chapters of this new and intriguing book, there really was nothing interesting. Micheal Lewis basically all he says is the backstory of some of the great players, and how much they got paid and stuff like that in the fist two chapters. The second chapter talked about great players such as Lawrence Taylor, Joe Jacoby, and Joe Theismann. The third chapter started talking about Micheal Oher, the main character. Micheal Oher was a kid that didn't have any foundation, but people saw things in him. "When Sean Tuohy first spotted Micheal Oher sitting in the stands in the Briarcrest gym, staring at basketball practice, he saw a boy with nowhere to go but up" (Lewis 52). The question was, of course how to make him go up. He had no dad, and his mom was in rehab. The only person he had was 'Big Tony'. He was a giant, a freak of nature they said. 300+ pounds, 6'+ ran a 5.5 in the forty year dash. Now, this was only when he was 16. Imagine how big he is now...

Basically all I read so far is that his(not legal), guardian, 'Big Tony', sent him to Briarcrest Christian School. He was flunking every class in the beginning, and they didn't know how to set him on the right foot. They knew he could be something if he tried really hard, but how can you educate someone that didn't even have a foundation.

And that's when I stopped reading...

"The goal was: lets idetntify where Lawrence is on every play." Talyor moved around alot, to confuse the defense, but he and his coach were happiest when he came from his own right side and the quarterbakcs left. Teh big reason I put him over there," said Bill Parcells, "is the right side is the quarterbacks blind side (Lewis 18).

My reaction when I red this was I had to read it over and over again so I could memorize what "The blind side" really was. I don';t know why the book was called "the blind side", but at least I now know what "The blind side " is.

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