Thursday, February 11, 2010

The blind side (173-278)

Well, what can I say. It was a great book. I learned many things in it about football. I also learned some history about it and some famous players such as Joe Montana and Orlando Pace. I learned that good things can come out of kids with mad past/childhoods. I mean, Micheal Oher had no father, and his mother was addicted to drugs. What type of childhood that might have been, I cannot and never will be able to imagine.

Anyway, basically what I read in these 100 or so pages was alot. I started on page 173. It started off with Micheal Oher being investigated because the NCAA thought that the Tuohy's, or basically parents of Micheal Oher(not biologically), thought that they just took in Oher so that he could play for Ole Miss(A college football team), where the husband of Leigh Ann, was a coach on. It was a violation because the Tuohy's were basically forcing Oher to play for Oher because they bribed him with shelter, food, clothes...and general guidance. How can this be true? He didn't even start playing football until his junior year. He only then saw his true greatness and power in Americas Game. He was meant to play basketball, until he stepped on the field and proved himself of what he was worth. So basically all chapter 8 was talking about was the NCAA accusing the Tuohy's...

The next part was pretty boring, because all it talked about was the evolution of the left tackle position, the position which Micheal Oher played on. After that, was about how Ole Miss became to be a good college and talked a little bit about its history. It also talks about the Egg Bowl The coach of Ole Miss, does not think that he will play freshman year, because of his suffering grades. Although when he stepped on the field, he showed his true power. He showed that he was a beast. In these pages I read, they also talked slightly about Micheal Oher's childhood and his parents childhood. It was a very brief chapter.

"To get into the NFL Micheal Oher needed to first get into college, and to get into college he needed to meet the NCAA's academic standards (Lewis 184).

This was a very great book, It taught me alot of great things about football and in general about Micheal Oher, a natural at football. This quote is very true. Even if you have top notch colleges offering full 4 year scholarships, you still need to have a decent GPA. It doe snot exclude you if you had a full sport scholarship, you still need to do good in school.

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  1. did Michael stay connected with his biological family in any way?