Monday, December 14, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (201-250)

He met a police officer at the train station. The Police officer questioned him, and talked to him about where he was going. They went together then to get the money from an ATM machine. He then went and bought the ticket for 17 Pounds. The train as departing in 5 minutes, in Platform 1. He got on the train. Just as the train was about to depart, the police man came in and said "Christopher, Your dad is looking for you". Then when the train started to move, he started swearing. Chris did not want to see his father, but he was going to HAVE to see it, just because it was the police. The train would stop at the next station, and then they would take him in a car. He then goes to the bathroom. He hated the bathroom in the train because "it smelled of poo" and "it was brown" and he hated the color brown. After he went to the bathroom, he hid behind a shelf full of bags and luggages. I think he did this so that he couldn't go back to the police officer. He finally aarrived at London, and asked where is his mothers house(he gave them the address). Then the lady behind the counter told him to go to the Bakerloo Line and he had to go to Northbound and that was the direction of Willesden. He lost Toby, his pet rat, so he went looking for him. Afetr a while, he found him, and took him. He was on the rails, and a train was coming, He got hold of Toby, but a man in diamond socks pulled Chris to safety. He was MAD and PISSED at him. He first was bleeding, then he had dirty clothes from trying to pull Chris up, and then he had missed his train.Chris decided to get on a train after 8 more had come by, and finally get on it.

(That's when I stopped reading)

"And he had dreadlocks, which is what some black people have, but he was white, and dreadlocks is when you never wash your hair and it looks like old rope" (Haddon 203).

First, when I read this, I thought it was a little bit stereotypical. Classifying that "black people" are the only ones that have dreadlocks is very rude. Not to mention that he was rude when he said "it looks like old rope". I think that this kid would get in trouble in real life if he was this rude, but then again, it's just some author that writes like a idiot and then blames it that the main character, is autistic.


  1. hey, time for the big question: have you spent time with someone who is autistic? The Christopher quote does a great job of showing his inability to self sensor. For him, he's only seen black people with this hair, so for him is is very strange. Anything that does not fit his pattern is strange.

    you need to step up your comments, as labeling the author as someone who "writes like a(n) idiot" is sophomoric. Have a strong argument, but do back it up with substantial evidence.