Monday, February 8, 2010

The blind side (114-173)

By the time he was a senior, he now knew and was fully accustomed to the fact that he was a great football player. He was very good at it, very good at it indeed. However, one part of him was struggling. That part was schoolwork. He had a 1.67 GPA(Grade Point Average) when he was in 12th grade. There was no way to get ANY college to accept him. Even thoguh colleges were offering him FULL scholorships, he could not attend becaus eof his low GPA. Now, Liegh Ann, the "mother" of him, had to work on him and set him straight.He ha dto study hard for tests, go home straight after school, and do all his homework; and it still would not be enough to pass. She made a deal with his teachers. If he does all his work, and tries his hardest he might have a chance of going to college or playing football that season for the Briarcrest Football Team. He needed to get a GPA if he wanted to play football this year. She gave him a tutor, and everything. She gave him all the resources.

The coaches from all over the country started seeing him. He was a popular celebrity now, and was going to be a future NFL prospect., or at least that's what they were expecting. when they saw the size of that beast go, they automatically, after one play had enough and said " That was all I needed to see ". Micheal got really angry with this one kid, which said things like "Hey fatass, I'm a kill you" or "Hey fat ass! Fat peopel can't play football! I'm a run your ass over" (Lewis 117). This got him infuriated, and then he picked up that kid, ran him aklll the way down the field and mashed him against the fence. Oher said he would put the kid back on the bus if he kept using his trash talking mouth.

In 2004, the Briarcrest Football team went on to win the State Championships. They couldn't have down it without Micheal Oher, the future Offensive Tackle of the Baltimore Ravens. This kid will most likely be a legend. It is his first year playing for the Baltimore Ravens(2009-2010).

When she tried to give him a flue shot the second year in a row, he said " Your white people are obsessed with the flu shot". You don't need one every year" (Lewis 155).


I liked this section in the book a lot. I enjoyed reading it because it talked about the actual things that Micheal needed to do in order to successfully graduate from High School and what you neded to get for college, even though almost every college was offering Oher a full scholarship. You don't normally see colleges like LSU or Oklahoma State giving out FULL, and completely free scholarships. My reaction to this quote was pretty normal, but I laugehd when I read it. i have never had a flu shot in my life, and have never gotten the flu yet. I'm not crazy for the flu shot either.

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  1. how does the quote show any differences/conflicts for Michael in adjusting to life with the new family?