Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The blind side (55-114)

The kid didn't even have a warm place to stay. He always went to the gym, even though he had no basketball practice that day. Sean Tuohy, practically his second father, asked him where he was going. He said, that he was going to the gym. Sean asked Why, because Micheal didn't have basketball practice that day. He said, but it has heat. He wore the same clothes everyday, until Sean's wife, Lee Ann Tuohy, took him out and bought him some more. He finally was getting everything paid for. His lunch at school, his clothes, he would get driven to where he could sleep for the night, and school paid for because the Tuohy's were nice enough to give this kid a shot.

During these 60 something pages, Micheal Oher found out that his father died... He found out 3 months after his death because they could not identify him. He keeled down on the grass for a very long time. Even though he didn't know his father, he still had respect for him. Finally, Lee Ann got tired of driving Oher around to different peoples houses that she took him in. He was now living in a house; a real house. He was guaranteed a place to stay every night now. These people were practically his parents.

Once they flew to Memphis for their final game for the basketball season, everyone started booing him and calling him names such as the N-word. He got pissed off and upset so he started to play better. By then end, they won, he got 15 assists and 27 points. After that, he started playing football. Everyone saw how good he was, so they just stared with awe. During practice, bug shot coaches from all over the country came JUST to see him in practice. they could not speak to him until his senior year though. They saw his enormous size, and knew immediately if this kid didn't get in the top 3 NFL draft, then someone done him wrong.

"That's it," she said, "Get all your crap. You're moving in with me." (Lewis 75)


Pretty nice of her to do this. I think she got enough trust in him, and that he was going to keep going. She believed in him, and that made all the difference. If she didn't, then maybe he wouldn't be the Offensive Tackle of the Baltimore Ravens now. I believe it was a good thing that his mom was an alcoholic, and his dad left him. It taught him a lesson to be strong, and never give up. If you get everything handed to you in life, you will never amount for anything.

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