Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Brutal (203-255)

The next 50 pages that I read in this book were about Jimmy and where he lived, and his morality. He knew and was aware that he would never commit any of the violent crimes. Oh...what am I saying? Aren't ALL crimes violent? What Kevin Weeks is trying to say is that Jimym wouldn't commit EXTREMELY violent crimes. He would even help out the people in need at the local charity. Jimmy never hesitated to help someone that needed help. He would sometimes give the person money, buy him/her a coat if they're cold, and even things like buying someone a condo. But there were times when he wouldn't help someone. Those were the times when he though they were just trying to get money off of him.

There was one guy that pissed Whitey off. He was a what they nicknamed "Wheels". He was a creep in his early 40's. He was in a wheelchair and Whitey despised him. What made Jimmy so pissed off was how he would beg for money from women, and if they didn't give him any he would cuss scream and yell at them. He would never beg to get money off men, because he knew that his a** would get kicked if he cussed some guy out. What really pissed Whitey off was that he could walk, and he was yelling at people for money. One time, Jimmy saw it as he was driving by. Wheels was bothering some elderly woman who probably had less than him. When she didn't give him anything he started yelling and screaming at her. Jimmy, no furious, got out of his car, and started beating Wheels off his wheelchair, and took his wheelchair and threw it into the street. The same thing happened a week later, when he was bothering another woman when she was with her grandson. Whitey, who was across the street watching his store "Rotary Variety" in South Boston. He was even more furious then ever. He went inside the store, and took a baseball bat. He then ran across the street to Wheels.Whitey threw him off his wheelchair and started brutally and mercilessly beating him. After the beating, he took the wheelchair, and banged it up with the baseball bat so that Wheels could not ride it anymore. That was the last time Whitey ever saw Wheels.

One guy that no one liked in town was a guy nicknamed Stippo. He lowered prices on a liquor store he just bought, and he was getting all the business. Other liquor stores hadn't got any customers, and this was the time of about 1 week after he purchased the liquor store. Bomb threats and Deaths threats started coming in. Thats when e had asked Whitey to find out who was making those bomb threats. Whitey accepted, but for those few nights Stippo couldn't sleep. Soon after, Weeks and Whitey were driving there car around and a guy named "Sunny" stopped them. He was the owner of the liquor store down the street. He said that he was the one making bomb threats, and jimmy told him not to actually bomb the place. He agreed. After 3 more weeks Stippo wanted to sell the place. They agreed to a $100,000 package. He said $65,000 dollars worth of merchandise was there, but tere was really only $35,000. He also left to Flroida, so Whitey didn't know where he left, and where he lived now. About 1 week passed, and then numerous bills came in. One for about $25,000 for the liquor, and one for about $10,000 for basic stuff such as lighters and other groceries/stock. He had ripped Jimmy off. They wer pissed, but nothing can be done about it now.

"He'd typically ask a guy for change, and wouldn't say a word if the guy said no, but if a woman refused him money for wine, he'd be swearing and grabbing on to her dress . That after noon, the piece of shit was swearing at one particular woman in her fifties who had her grandchild with her, calling her everything in the book" (Weeks 214)

My reaction to this quote and really to these couple of chapters was that Jimmy had morality, and held his honor. He wouldn't beat or kill a random guy. He would only kill or beat up the people that deserved it. Likewis, he beat Wheels for doing that. He hated those kind of scum people that though they could take advantage of woman and children. In my opinion, I think that guy deserved it. He could walk, but he preferred to be known as a cripple, so he could bum money off of them.

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