Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Brutal (49-101)

From page 49 to page 101, I was became extremely interested in this book. When I started to get more deeper into the book, I realized Weeks was committing more and more crimes with Bulger. Now that he quit the T, his other job laying down track for the trains here in Boston, he had more time to spend with Whitey. This caused him to work full time for Jimmy. Whenever he came home at night, Weeks would watch the Nightly News with his wife, Pam. His wife knew that he was involved with Whitey, but she didn't know the particulars of what he did with him.

Whitey and Kevin would never talk about anything specific. They would say things like "Did you take care of it" (Weeks 75). They would never say a word like "car" on the phone. It was extremely dangerous, now that Whitey was known to have committed 40 murders. He could have been wire tapped at any moment and not even know it. "I was as tied to him as he was to me" (Weeks 72). This was after he killed 40+ people. The FBI was probably on his back and spying on him.

When Weeks started his own loan shark business, his reputation grew even bigger. A loan shark is basically a guy that will give you money when you need it, and fast. For example, if a guy wanted $25,000, then he would have to pay $625 interest back to Weeks. Weeks was also smart about his business. He only gave money to people he knew over the years, and only the people who he knew would pay back. There was almost no violence involved in his business because most of the people paid it back.

Jimmy talked to a lot of people.He was very courteous to every person he met, even the person sitting next to him on a bench at Castle Island. He would often talk about politics and education, books and other things he had read about in the newspaper. He would never talk about crime, though. He always had code names, so in case someone he was talking to was wired. He bought a lot of jewelry, and a lot of expensive things such as alligator skin cowboy boots, or wear fine suit's ranging from $1,000 up to $10,000. He would even buy his dates and women cars and condos. Where did he get all of this money? Extortion's. He would get a guy that just got out of work and told him that he was on someones hit-list. Weeks and Bulger accepted any amount of money ranging from $50,000 to $500,000. The guy would pay, no doubt. Whitey always persuaded them that "You can make more money, but you can't make another life" (Weeks 101).

"He was disciplined and lived and breathed the life of crime, which explains why he is still out there today, rather than in a jail cell" (Weeks 63).
This made me scared a little bit. Even though the guy is probably in his mid eighties, he was once the king of the streets here in Dorchester and South Boston. He is "disciplined" at crime? Wow, he must be good since he is one of the few mafia/mobsters that got away with killing so many people.

I was very intrigued by these 50 pages. Whitey was very smart about how he committed a crime. He would watch people even though he didn't know them, and he would often do it on rainy days, when no one was paying attention. When Weeks stated that Bulger committed 40+ murders by now...I was just like..."Wow" in my head, and he never got caught for any of them. That really surprised me. He was very attentive, and would think of what consequences would happen if he murdered this guy the wrong way.

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  1. you have such a great voice in describing the plot and Weeks' characteristics.

    small edit: Extortion's