Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (1-51)

From what I observed, this book is really weird, but in a good way. I have read only 51 pages in this book so far, and it is very unique. The main characters name is Christopher John Francis Boone. He knows all the countries and their capitals. He also knows all the prime numbers up to 7,507. He has a friend - Siobhan. I think he looks up to Siobhan, because he is always repeating his quotes and sayings. Siobhan is probably very smart.

It was 7 minutes after midnight, and Christopher saw the dog, Wellington, laying there in the middle of the lawn. Christopher went to check it out, and what had happened. The dog was dead, so Christopher took the dog and hugged him. he liked dogs very much, but why would anyone hug a bloody dog that has a pitchfork sticking out of it? Well... Christopher thought dogs were loyal and trustworthy, and that you always know what they are thinking. Shortly after, Mrs. Shears, the owner of the dog came out of the house screaming. "What in ****'s name have you done to my dog" (Haddon 5).

The police arrived, and questioned Christopher. After the police officer questioned and started touching Christopher, Christopher hit the police officer. They the drove down to the police station. After a while, his dad showed up, and took Christopher home.

I also found out in the first 50 pages that Christopher's mom died. It as of a heart attack. Christopher said it was kind of unexpected because his mother was very active, and that she would run a lot and bike to work every now and then. She was healthy and all. He sent her a Get well card, with 9 red cars on it. It meant Very Super Extreme Good Day. When Christopher sees 4 red cars in a row, he thinks it s a good day. When he sees 4 yellow cars in a row, he thinks its a bad day.

"She was shouting, "What in ****'s name have you done to my dog" (Haddon 5).

My reaction to this quote is that I HATE how people automatically assume things. Christopher was just trying to help the dog, and was hugging him because he liked dogs, and Mrs. Shears automatically thinks that HE killed the dog because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That is just like someone getting shot, and you try to help the person, but the police arrive and then AUTOMATICALLY say it was you. So stupid.

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  1. what do you make of how Christopher feels based on car colors?

    is there an order to the plot, or does each chapter jump around?