Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Brutal (102-150)

Kevin Weeks starts off talking about the three murders he took part in, this was in between 1983 and 1985. The names of the people that got murdered were Arthur "Bucky" Barett, John McIntyre, and Stevie's former girlfriend, Deborah Hussey. Jimmy and Stevie would commit crimes together often, and would stick up for each other. Stevie would never let things go. If someone was bothering him, killing him/her would be on top of his mind.

The first murder that took place at 799 East Third Street was of Arthur "Bucky" Barett". he neglected to pay Jimmy $1.5 million. He thought he can get away from Whitey, well....he was wrong. Jimmy Met him at a travel agency a couple of months later. A simple 5 minute conversation was all it took to pique Jimmy's interest. A few months later, they set up a meeting at 799 East Third Street. Oh no...this is getting bad. As soon as Bucky entered the basement, Whitey pulled out a Mac-11 9mm machine gun with a silencer and put it to Bucky's head. Jimmy said "Bucky Barrett, Freeze" (Weeks 109). Bucky sat down and Stevie chained him. Jimmy had a little talk, and off they went to his house with him. Bucky went inside the house and returned with $47,000. They went back to 799 East Third, while Weeks went to eat. 45 minutes later, Jimmy called Kevin to come back to the house. When Kevin came back, Jimmy shot Bucky in the head and killed him. Weeks started digging a hole in the basement while Stevie was pulling he teeth off of this guy and taking off Bucky's clothes, and then stuffed him in a body bag. He threw him in the hole and poured some limestone on him, to help his decomposition.

The second murder at 799 East Third Street was of John McIntyre. He was a 32 year old drug smuggler. It all began when Whitey and his friend, Phil Costa to transport some drugs from South America to Boston. When they transported the drugs, the DEA came along and was waiting on shore at the dock. When they came on the boat, they searched it, and found the drug cache right away. Whitey had a suspicion someone was ratting them out. Another incident happened like this when they were trying to transport a ton of firearms. These included pistols, high powered riles of all different calibers, bulletproof vests, and all kinds of different explosives. They were trying to put the arms on the Valhalla, a small ship that was going to Ireland that a couple of Whiteys friends owned. When they were in Gloucester that night, loading the shipment of arms onto the Valhalla, all Weeks and Whitey's job was security. When the ship departed from Gloucester to Ireland, the Royal Navy stopped them about 50 miles off shore, and right when they got on board, they knew where the arms were. Now Whitey was extremely mad, and you know what happens when he gets mad... Oh yeah, they got McIntyre a couple of months later when he was walking home. They got him to the same basement that Bucky died in, and killed him right when he was walking down the stairs. Stevie started taking the guy's teeth out while Weeks was digging a hole. That was the end of a rat.

The third murder took place guessed it; 799 East Third Street, and it was Stevie's "stepdaughter". Stevie killed his "stepdaughter for stripping in Boston as a job, bringing blacks to her house, and doing drugs. In 1985, it all ended for her. She came into Stevie's house. Weeks was upstairs in the bathroom, so was Bulger, laying on the couch. When Kevin got out of the bathroom, he heard a thud, and immediately went downstairs with Whitey. they saw that Stevie was strangling her, with her face and lips blue, eyes bulging, and not breathing, he knew she was dead. Now it was time to bury the body. There was no blood this time, so the cleanup process was quick. Jimmy went back upstairs to sleep while Stevie and Weeks went downstairs. As with the 2 other murders, Weeks would dig the hole in the basement while Stevie would pull out the teeth of the victim and strip them, then he would dispose of those properly.

That was the last murder that occurred in that house. They got word that someone was buying 799 East Third Street. this meant that they had to dig up the 3 bodies and take them out, and dispose of them somewhere else. i wouldn't have been a good idea to keep the bodies there. Can you imagine digging a hole in your basement and finding 3 bodies in there? Yuck! Stevie, Weeks, and Whitey them took the bodies out and buried them later that night behind a hotel on a Halloween party. No one noticed them, and if they did noticed that they were burring bodies, then the would get killed with a grease gun, a machine gun with a silencer from World War II.

The next chapter that I began reading talked about drugs extortion and shaking down largescale drug distributors. I inferred that shaking down meant that Jimmy or Stevie would take control of the drug dealers, and would say something like "You're going to work for me now, and you're going to pay me monthly fee" (Weeks 147). If they didn't pay, then they would get killed, simple as that. Jimmy and Stevie would get huge amounts of cash, sometimes ranging from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars. One guy paid them 1.8 million.

"Jimmy always said nighttime was the best camouflage, and it was free --- just there, waiting to be used" (Weeks 130)

This is actually a smart comment that Bulger made. It made perfect sense, the "it was free" part drawed my attention the most, though. Bulger probably like things free, but I don't really get why he would say that because he buys clothes for thousands of dollars. It was probably good for him and he was happy that nighttime was free because he liked getting things for free, just like he did with money.

I liked how the author, Kevin Weeks talked descriptively of how much money they would get in each extortion. He always stated a name, and how much money they would get. Like for example, "Not every drug extortion put money in my pocket. Like the one in 1981 involving an antiques dealer, David Lindholm, who was dealing drugs off the islands of the Cape. The guy was smuggling 1,000 pounds of...." (Weeks 155). I LOVE when the author says things like this and in this way. It makes me enjoy the book more.

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