Monday, December 14, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (150-200)

Chris talks about his first school teacher, which was named Julie. She asked CHristopher if he knew what was ain a tube. The Tube was named "Smarties", so Chris assumed that smarties were in the tube. What was really in the tube was a pencil. Then Chris talks about how the mind works. After that, Chris was sitting on his bed looking at the ground. His father admitted that he would say the truth from now on, and that he would be honest with his son. HE admitted that every human makes mistakes, and that HE had killed wellignton. It was because of an argument they had, and that Mrs. Shears (The dogs owner), cared more about the dog than about him. He then killed the dog. After Chris found out, he waited until 1:20 AM and ran away from the house. He hid behind a shed, and took his pet, Toby, and a coat and a "Special food" box. He stayed awake until 3:47 AM. Once mornign came, Father tried to search for his son, but couldn't find him. Chris then heard his van, and him driving away, so it was safe to come out. He decided that he needed to go live with his mom, which lived in London. It was a very frightening thought that he would go somewhere he ad never been by himself. He walked to school, which took him 47 minutes. He saw his father's van parked outside the school, so he ran and asked a lady where the train station is. He went to the trains station.

"Can I get you anything to eat, Christopher?" (Haddon 162)

I hate how parents try to make up for things once they have done something wrong, and I hate how they try to do very little small things and make it seem like t is alright. I HATE when they do that. If you have something to say, just come clean and be honest. If you lie, it will only hurt you more in the future.

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