Monday, November 30, 2009

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (51-100)

This time I read page 51 to 100. This book is very interesting, and very entertaining. It's very easy to read and nice to calm yourself. Anyways... this is what happend in between page 50 and 100. Christopher starts to investigate who killed Wellington. He starts to go to peoples houses that are on his street. He asks a couple of people, and then, he finds who he was looking for. Mrs. Alexander. She gave him a lot of info. Offered him some cake and tea. He waited outside(he does not trust and does not go inside strangers houses) for 6 minutes. He thought that she was calling the police, so he quickly left. A couple of days later, his father talks to him and asks why he was asking those people questions. He got furious, and made Christopher promise to never speak and to stop all this detective business. He promises. The next couple of days, he sees 4 yellow cars in a row. this makes it a bad day and he doe snot talk to anyone on bad days. After about 3 days, he sees 4 red cars in a row. This means that it is a super good day. He knew something good was going to happen. He went to the store to buy some candy, and he saw Mrs. Alexander again. They then proceeded to talking and chatting. She says something that she shouldn't have. She says that she shouldn't be telling Christopher this, but she does anyway. They go into the park and she expalins that Mr. Shears was having an affair with Christopher mother. This was a shock to Christopher. This was the reason that Christopher dad said Mr. Shears was evil. Christopher immediately says "I think I should go now" (Haddon 82). He leaves, and Mrs. Alexander says that if he ever wanted to talk about that, that he would come to her house. He left. After that, nothing really happened except for the fact that he talked about being an astronaut and about a journalist. Also, he talked about the Monty Hall Problem. Itr was a math problem. Alot of professors said that the journalist could not do the math problem. Tehy were all wrong because it was "The Motnh Hall Problem.

"My age is 15 years and 3 months and 3 days" (Haddon 55)

I noticed that Christopher is very exact and on point. he always knows the exact days/dates and knows virtually everything. He is very smart for a 15 year old. I have also noticed this book jumps around a lot. From this topic, straight to the next. For example, they are talking about who killed Wellington, and then next chapter he starts talking about yellow and brown cars and how it makes hm feel sad.

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